When Ed and Sam were dreaming LMA into being, the choice of motorcycle was fundamental to the experience. We chose to work with Royal Enfield because they’ve perfected the honest, dependable British single; thumping around since 1932, the Royal Enfield Bullet is the epitome of that breed.

In 350 or 500cc variants, these were the ‘bikes which got people to work, carried military dispatches and won international trials titles. A large order for the Indian military in 1949 began a long association with the Subcontinent, such that production shifted to India on the demise of the British factory. With the opening of a technical centre in Leicestershire, and the launch of a 650cc twin, Royal Enfield has come full-circle, and is at the heart of the renaissance in simple, characterful motorcycles.

Riding one of our Bullets or Classics will make you smile, and help you to connect wherever you park. They’re raw, yet sweet handling machines which reward engagement. They don’t impose themselves on the wider journey, but enhance it. They cope well with dirt tracks, and are manageable in challenging terrain. Sales figures of around 60,000 per month in India (2017) show that the brave Bullet is a great choice, 86 years on.




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