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Allow us to help you tailor your own Adventure. Want to create something around the whole family? Husband rides but you don’t? Perhaps your busy schedule means you have lost that connection to your son or daughter and need some connected one-on-one time. Want time to reconnect with the old gang? Need to get away from the husbands?! We can tailor a Legendary experience to whatever you unique requirements are.

One of the joys of hosting a Legendary Adventure, is we get to witness some pretty awesome people. In 2017 we were asked on a handful of occasions, if we would tailor a father & sons trip. Just a few days were needed, time to spend together, round the campfire and on the bikes, out in the cathartic realms of unpolluted wilderness. Life-Changing moments.

We also took a couple of families on different trips. So great to watch Mum and sons connecting on the motorbikes, while the father and daughters wanted to ride the Andalusian horses, stabled at our Spanish HQ. Their joy was palpable, as we all came together each day, both sets of steeds having taken different tracks, to the hidden camp-spots and secret wild swimming picnic locations.

On the other, a mother, a son, two daughters, son-in-law and a friend came. All had bike licenses, two only just having passed. The memory of that evening down in the dried wadi, as the stars shone brightly overhead, as the song and guitar played long into the next day, will stay with us a long time. What a privilege to witness such connected and inspired families, as these.




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