We host bespoke Royal Enfield motorcycle roadtrips, to some of the most spectacular places on the Planet.

By taking time to travel at a more appreciative pace, our aim is to give you an unforgettable experience, returning you home inspired & enriched, remembering just how spectacular it all can be.

Our fleet of Royal Enfield bikes are perfectly suited to the majestic landscapes we traverse. Easy to fix, light to handle, they allow for full inclusivity, opening the door of spirit & adventure to all.

A Legendary Journey is about letting go of routine, preconception & apprehension, opening to the spontaneity of the day & reconnecting to the things that matter.



Life as a farmer, forester, builder, soldier and in VSO has equipped Ed with the skills to keep LMA on the road. Steeped in ‘bikes since childhood, his first ‘bike tour was around Scotland in November 1985 on a £30 Russian combination, so he’s learned much…..and nothing! Ed keeps first aid skills in date as a volunteer for St. John’s Ambulance. He also teaches aikido and builds boats, so he’s never short of campfire reflection.


Sam is an LMA Director & Lead Expedition Guide. He has worked for many years, as a Photographer for the glossy mags & broad-sheet press. However it is his love of Wilderness & Travel, that was the catalyst & inspiration behind LMA. He brings his creative flair and passion for adventure & wellness, to your Legendary experience. He is also LMA’s chief crooner, never one to shy away from bringing out the guitar and a song, around the Legendary campfire!

Legendary Experiential Travel

A Trip with LMA aims to be much more than just riding beautiful motorcycles in glorious landscapes. All Legendary hosts are equipped with numerous skills sets. These include Cooking, Photography, Motorcycle Maintenance, Aikido, Night-sky Navigation, Physical Training, Mediation & Mindfulness Coaching. We encourage participation, for a richer, more connected experiential journey.


"This was one of the best experiences of my life….invigorating, life enhancing; just epic, fabulous fun! "

David Wilson

"The five days we spent in Andalusia were full of adventures and ‘away from it all fun’. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Sam and Ed are two of the most lovely people to spend time with. Everything was organised and worked perfectly in a relaxed and flexible way which I loved. An exceptional few days, on magnificent bikes, with great people. The Best."

Natalia Grosvenor

"Ed and Sam are outstanding hosts: full of knowledge and inspiring ideas, but also relaxed enough to let clients chart their own course."

John Lutzius

"LMA really delivers. When you’re with them you leave everything behind and dive into slow travel on great bikes, campfires, music, reconnecting with yourself and opening up to the others. You get out what you put in, and it is up to you to make it happen!"

Armando D’Amico


Why a Journey with LMA?

A Legendary Motorcycle Adventure is more than just a motorcycle holiday. LMA has a unique flavour, that comes from combining the delight & character of the Royal Enfield motorcycle, with the colour, flair & passion of LMA’s hosts.

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge & love of wilderness & travel, by giving you the greatest possible experience.

LMA attracts a certain character of spirit; one who appreciates a gentler, more refined pace, on a path far from the hustle & bustle of modern life.

We offer a moment out of the box, the space to reconnect, take a breath, returning home richer for the experience.
In our overly prescribed, time poor world, we recognise the need to open the day to you & your requirements.

We have planned routes & in-depth knowledge of the countries we travel through, but we are also not afraid to open the day, to wherever the path may take us. This allows for freshness, spontaneity & chance. We are always discovering, travelling through & staying in new & enticing places.

What’s Included in the Price?

All food & accommodation is included. We provide a certain amount of alcohol for the evenings, however we recommend that if you have a certain tipple of choice, to bring your own.

We are lucky enough to have some Legendary chefs, which make up the LMA crew. Lucy Verney is our favoured chef in Andalusia. It doesn’t get much better than Lucy’s cooking. Expect three courses each evening, and an amazing breakfast each morning. When not stationed at LMA HQ, cooking is taken on by one of our guides or by the locals we stay with. We favour top guide & nomadic chef Tom Perkins. Although how can we forget, our wonderful & extraordinary Georgio; a trip with Georgio on board, promisees to be a even more memorable one!

All petrol & costings related to the motorcycles, are included.

Flights are not included. We will specify which flights to catch & will arrange transfer to our villa or basecamp. Transfers & travel outside these pre-arranged timings will be at your own expense.

Where Do We Stay?

We mix authentic villa’s, farm stays & hotels with a touch of wild-camping. We like to encourage a night or two under the stars; there is something about the campfire element & wild night’s sleep, that is quintessentially LMA.

Our Andalusian Odyssey is based from the charming La Almunia near Gaucin, or one of the other favoured villas nearby.
They all have their own charm and character. All come with pool & chef.

The Spain to Sahara Adventure, starts & finishes in one of our Andalusian Villas. We like to have a couple of days, getting you used to the bikes, meeting the group, safety briefings etc. We end our journey back in Andalusia, with an evenings final fiesta, to bid farewell to new friends & celebrate your heroic achievement!

We hear you have a cracking chef at your villa in Andalusia. Can we take her home after the trip?

Yes Lucy Verney does cook the best food on the planet & no you can’t take her home. Many have tried, hence a popular FAQ.

Are we able to drink alcohol in Morocco or any other Muslim country we travel through?

Alcohol & Bikes don’t mix particularly well, however we all like a drink or two at the end of the day.
We bring a certain amount of alcohol in the support truck. If our alcohol supply looks set to run dry, we have some friends along the way, who will refuel us.
Any extra booze is at your expense.

What kit Do I need to Bring?

We will send you a full kit list after confirming your place.

We ask you to bring your own motorcycle gear. It is important helmet & ride gear fits well.
All our Partners offer LMA clients a discount (see Partners Page). Let us know & we’ll sort that for you.
Please bring your own warm sleeping bag, for nights under stars. Bring lip-salve for cracked lips; if the sun don’t get them, your stretched smile will certainly need oiling.

We encourage getting off the screens as much as possible. Another top tip is to bring a journal & a good pen; little rituals that mean we are just a bit more engaged with the trip. A good paper book & head torch; it’s always great hunkered down in the swags we sleep in, as the cicadas sing, to rustle some pages before the lids descend!

How many Miles do we cover each Day?

We are about gentle daily milages.

We are about taking our time; time to converse with locals, time for good banter over mint tea or strong coffee, time to soak up the views & take photos along the way. On certain days when traversing continents, we may need to make time and we may squeeze in a 150 or 200 mile day, but our aim is to limit these big days. We are not an enduro outfit. We are the purveyors of the pootle.

Do we carry our own kit?

Unless tailor-made requested, we always have a support vehicle. This brings all the kit & food & drink & medic gear. If we are tailoring a family trip or you are bringing your non-riding partner, we can arrange for them to ride in the truck. The support wagon can also provide a much needed rest, if a rider decides they need a day off.

What if we want to bring someone who doesn’t ride motorcycles?

If you ride but your partner doesn’t, we absolutely cater for pillion. You have to be comfortable with taking on that responsibility. If on the Andalusian Odyssey, we have many options to cater for your partner or families need. This ranges from horse trekking on the villas Andalusian horses, or rock climbing or walking, or just lying by the pool. We are here to cater to your every need.

How Much Riding Experience do I need?

Ours is a gentle, more refined adventure. We take our time, and we stick together. The lovely thing about the Royal Enfield motorcycles, is that they are not big and over-powered bikes. They are perfect for both entry level or rusty riders, as well as giving huge joy to any advanced riders that join us. They are perfectly suited for the winding and open tracks and routes we travel. If we have clients who want to stretch out one day, that is just fine, they can. We will meet later, at a prearranged stop. The important thing is we are all in it together; from that we experience an enhanced & richly more appreciative journey.

The Legal Stuff

Once you have decided to join an LMA adventure, please take time to read through our standard terms and conditions. These are available here. Any bookings made with us will be deemed proof of acceptance of these terms.


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